Outsource your Social Media Management to a Virtual Assistant


Let’s talk statistics, 97 percent of online adults aged 16-64 say they have visited or used a social network within the last month.  Facebook users account for 93% of these who also use Twitter (29%), Instagram (39%), Pinterest (36%) and Linkedin (33%). Source: www.smallbiztrends.com Survey conducted March 7-April 4, 2016

Whether you’re a fan of social media or not, there’s no hiding from the fact that social media has become an important platform for promotion of businesses. 

Ensuring your business is visible on the many platforms available can become overwhelming, not only becoming proficient in the use of the various media platforms but the sheer time taken to keep these up to date can be all-consuming when you’re trying to run your business.

It is all too easy for the small business owner to throw their hands in the air claiming ‘it’s all too hard, is it worth the effort?’ The simple answer is yes.  The various social media platforms available allow for customised marketing to be delivered to your client’s living room, on the bus, at the sports ground waiting for the kids anywhere at all where data can be accessed.

For all the obvious benefits of Social Media, there is a high cost, not of money but of time.  The effective management of your social media can be a huge job.  For social media marketing to have the best impact, the content you post must be researched, planned, prepared and posted at the most effective times and frequently enough to make an impact without becoming an annoyance.

The effort involved in doing this well, is in itself enough to discourage a business from bothering with Social Media Marketing at all.  I stress to you though, that done correctly the rewards to the business will be great.

Why outsource Social Media to Virtual Business Admin?

A business participating in social media marketing, maintaining up to date information and responding to client’s queries or posts can eat into your day distracting you from your specific area of expertise.  When this becomes too much of an effort either your business activity or the social media activity will suffer.

Outsourcing the social media management to a Virtual Assistant will free up your time and ensure the media is being scheduled at the most appropriate time for best response and queries are responded to in a timely manner.

There are various collaborative software apps available to manage issues such as confidentiality for account access to media accounts and for the management of scheduling posts at the most appropriate time for maximum impact.

Marketing Content

Creation, styling, posting and management of social media posts are not the only tasks involved when maintaining social media accounts.  The research and factual content of the post is imperative.  As a Virtual Assistant, it is not our area of expertise to know all the facts about your business, how it operates and what message you want to send out to the world.  This is where your input as the business owner is needed to provide guidance. 

Provision of the research material, facts and checking the final post prior to being launched is vitally important and will ensure the client receives accurate information.